Wrestling is one of the oldest and most fundamental combat sports known to humanity. It involves physical grappling, takedowns, and ground control techniques used to subdue or immobilize an opponent. Wrestling has a rich history, with roots dating back thousands of years and has evolved into various styles and forms, including amateur and professional wrestling.

Key features of wrestling include:

  • Physical Contact: Wrestlers engage in close physical contact, attempting to take down their opponents while using various holds and techniques to gain an advantage
  • Weight Classes: Wrestlers typically compete in specific weight classes to ensure a fair and balanced competition. This allows athletes of similar sizes and weights to compete against each other
    Points System: Wrestling matches are often scored based on takedowns, escapes, reversals, and the control of an opponent on the ground. The goal is to accumulate points by gaining and maintaining advantageous positions.
  • Pins and Submissions: A primary objective in wrestling is to pin an opponent’s shoulders to the mat for a specified duration. In certain wrestling styles, such as amateur folkstyle and Greco-Roman, submissions and joint locks are not allowed. In professional wrestling, pins are used to conclude scripted matches.

Wrestling has found a place in various contexts, including amateur and professional competitions, as well as self-defense and military training. In the Olympics, wrestling is recognized as one of the core sports, with multiple disciplines, including freestyle and Greco-Roman, where athletes grapple on a mat to determine the victor.

Professional wrestling, often seen in entertainment, is a scripted form of the sport that combines athletic performance with dramatic storytelling and choreographed moves. While it may not be a competitive sport in the traditional sense, professional wrestling has a dedicated fan base and has produced iconic figures in the entertainment industry.

Wrestling, in all its forms, is an ancient and respected combat sport that teaches discipline, physical fitness, and the art of strategic and tactical grappling. It continues to be a powerful form of self-expression, physical challenge, and entertainment for practitioners and fans alike.

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